From The Ground Up

From the Ground Up: Laying a solid foundation for the best year of your life

A 6-Week Online Journey

with Iyanla Vanzant

Host of Iyanla: Fix My Life – the #1 Reality Show on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)

Make 2020 the Year You Unleash Your Full Power and Start Living the Life of Your Dreams

Hello Beloved,

2020 is going to be a powerful year – can’t you feel it?

Numerologically speaking, 2020 is associated with the number “4” (2+0+2+0 = 4).

As you may know, 4 is a very significant number. It represents stability, strength, and solid foundation. It’s a number of BEING. 

Many fundamental aspects of our reality are associated with the number 4.

… The year has 4 seasons. 

… The globe has 4 directions. 

… Our world is made up of 4 basic elements. 

… There are 4 fundamental forces of nature. 

But did you know there are 4 foundational elements to YOU as well? 

And when those elements are weak, cracked, broken, unbalanced, or out of alignment, you will find it so much harder to show up as your best self and get the results you desire in life. 

No matter how hard you try, it will feel like there is always something standing in the way of your dreams. You will spend a great deal of effort only to end up back where you started.

Every January, you’ll find yourself setting the same goals over and over, only to finish the year frustrated and disappointed because you didn’t manage to achieve them. Again. 

Until you start thinking that maybe it’s pointless to bother trying at all! 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

When the four cornerstones of your being are stable and strong, you will succeed and thrive no matter what obstacles appear in your path. 

You will feel more positive, confident, and powerful. The people, resources, and opportunities you seek will flow effortlessly toward you. And the world will seem like a kinder, more magical place – no matter what is going on in your life. 

… And all you need to do to strengthen those cornerstones is give them some serious love!



Every single person on the planet is made up of four foundational pillars: 





Together these four “building blocks” form the bricks of WHO YOU ARE. 


They are the cornerstones of your very being – the factors that determine how you see yourself… how you show up in the world… how you experience the world… and how the world responds to you. 

So the best way to improve your life is to improve yourself – by going deep into the heart of what makes you, YOU – and strengthening your four foundational cornerstones so you can show up in the world as your best self and create the life you want to live!  

Because when your foundation is strong, everything you build on top of that foundation – your thoughts, words, actions, and results – will be more powerful as well.  


Here we are on the precipice of a brand-new decade… The years ahead are a blank slate, waiting for us to write our hopes and dreams on them.

But if you don’t take the time to build, re-build, or repair your foundation BEFORE you set your goals for the year or decade ahead, your chances of fulfilling your dreams and creating the life you most desire will remain slim to non-existent.

I don’t want you to spend another year yearning for something you don’t have.


That is why I have created a new six-week online program designed to help you become the kind of person who is capable of achieving your goals – and lay the groundwork for your best decade ever! 

From the Ground Up: Laying a solid foundation for the best year of your life

with Iyanla Vanzant


Iyanla Vanzant smiling with hands folded under her chin

Here’s your chance to do the deep internal work required to strengthen the four fundamental “bricks” in your foundation – SPIRIT, MIND, EMOTION, and BODY – so you can become the best version of yourself and improve your results in everything you do.

During our six-week journey together, you will: 

  • Deepen your connection to Spirit/God/The Universe/Source
  • Strengthen your intuition and make it easier to hear that “inner voice” that is always telling you what you most need to know
  • Heal your relationship with your body and learn to love yourself in a whole new way
  • Gain the self-esteem and confidence that will attract what you need to achieve your goals
  • Boost your energy and drive so you become “unstoppable”
  • Let go of old wounds and resentments that no longer serve you
  • Channel your emotions productively instead of letting them control you
  • Cultivate greater mental, emotional and physical stamina and resilience
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive, empowering thoughts
  • Focus your attention on what matters most – and no longer “sweat the small stuff”
  • Deepen your insight – so you can see yourself, others, and situations more clearly and make wiser choices/li>
  • Develop the willpower to persist in the face of obstacles
  • Cultivate the strength & flexibility to adapt to change

This is the kind of life-changing internal work that will completely transform the way you’re showing up in the world.

If you complete this journey with me BEFORE you set your goals for the year or decade, I guarantee you will be much more likely to make your dreams come true – and experience more joy and fulfillment in everything you do!

If You Stand Tall . . .

it is because you stand on the backs of those who came before you!

Since 1996, Iyanla and her team, lovingly called, “The God Squad” have provided a safe place for people of all ages, races and backgrounds to come together, learn together, grow and heal together.  It is a soft place to fall.  It is a safe place to heal.  It is an empowering opportunity for people who are ready to feel better and live better as they learn to do what is required to step  fully into their greatness.  But . . . don’t believe us, just read:

Working with Iyanla Vanzant is an opportunity!

It’s your opportunity to tap into the deepest part of yourself reserved for only you and God. It is from this sacred place that you learn to apply and live the principles, tools, and skills you will obtain. The work you do will support you in profoundly shifting how you see yourself; how you see your world and how you relate to everyone in it. This is about becoming an authentic man, and being led by the spirit!

Robert Pruitt

Author, Life Coach, IVISD Faculty

I am more in tune

I attended my first workshop with Iyanla in 2015 and received healing, deliverance, freedom and truth. I was stuck in a pattern of negative thinking, which I broke by the end of the weekend. I learned how to stop telling “my story”, forgive myself and live in truth. Now, I am more in tune with my feelings an I have definitely raised my level of consciousness.


Forever grateful!

My work with “Mama Iyanla” opened my eyes, opened my ears, opened my mind and opened my heart to the invitation for healing in areas that I had not seen before. The feminine, mother energy that I had ignored, put aside, forgotten about and just plain didn’t want to deal with was in need of attention – and it sure got attention within me. Iyanla was strong and gentle – loving and safe -powerful and truly present for me. I am forever grateful for the experience being and working with her.

Rev. Peter Ripley

I have blossomed within

I believe that each of us has secrets locked inside. For me, the work I did with Iyanla guided me safely to a place within that I had ignored because of fear, shame, and lack of self-love. Unlike any other personal growth or soul-searching experience, Iyanla is raw and real; and because of her love and work, I have blossomed within. Can’t wait for my next experience. ????


My Soul was ignited

The work I did with Iyanla and her team epitomizes sanctuary; a sacred space encompassed by pure love, light, peace, and understanding. My Soul was ignited by this experience and my inner glow that surfaced is still glowing. I am on an amazing journey of self-discovery, healing, and self-love. Thank you, Iyanla!


Such a wonderful gift to myself

Great choice Self! The weekend was a life-changing event; causing me to dig deep, lift my veil and stand authentically in truth. I learned how to raise the voice I often kept silent and explore many of the issues which were creating barriers in my life. I would recommend an Iyanla workshop to anyone yearning for greater clarity, direction, and truth. It was the beginning of a different way of being for me.



Over the course of six weeks, I will help you: 


and transform the way you perceive and interact with the world around you.


to eliminate distractions and develop the willpower necessary to accomplish any goal.


and experience more happiness and fulfillment on a daily basis.


and gain more confidence, energy, and resilience in everything you do.


to release what no longer serves you and attract what you truly desire into your life.


by continuing to do the work and honor your commitment to show up every day as your best self.

And I’ll be there to support you throughout your journey – beginning, middle, and end! 


  • You keep setting the same goals, year after year, but never achieve them (and you’re not exactly sure WHY) >
  • You know you are capable of so much MORE – but you don’t know what you have to do to unlock that hidden potential
  • You’re tired of doing the “surface work” of setting goals and creating plans when whatever is holding you back feels so much deeper than that
  • You sometimes feel discouraged or hopeless about the state of the world, and question whether pursuing your dreams is “worth it.”
  • You find it hard to let go of old wounds and resentments, and suspect that fear, anger, guilt, and/or shame is standing in the way of your happiness
  • You are not as physically strong and healthy as you’d like, and you wish you had a better relationship with your body
  • You wish you had better control over your emotions, especially in uncomfortable or challenging situations 
  • You wish you had greater mental discipline and focus – and the willpower to persist in the face of any obstacle life throws at you


PRE-COURSE “HOMEWORK” to help you gain deeper insight into yourself, as well as a daily ritual you can start implementing in your life right away to get immediate results

6 WEEKLY VIDEO LESSONS   to introduce the focus for the week and give you valuable tools and teaching that will inspire you to keep showing up and doing the work

DAILY ACTIVITIES   to help you prioritize this powerful work and put your learning into practice in simple but effective ways (in just 30 minutes a day!

TWO EMAIL CHECK-INS EVERY WEEK   to help you stay on track with your learning and help you find answers to any questions you might have

DAILY MEDITATIONS AND AFFIRMATIONS to keep your intentions top of mind and help you develop a more positive, success-focused mindset!

3 LIVE Q&A TRAINING SESSIONS   with Iyanla Vanzant (Yours Truly) to gain clarity and insight into any questions you might have and go even deeper into the teachings.


Will I receive anything in the mail?

No, this product is 100% digital. That means you will get access to all of the videos, activities, meditations, and resources on your online dashboard. (You’ll receive a link once you complete your registration.)

What happens after I purchase From the Ground Up: Laying a Solid Foundation with Iyanla Vanzant?

You will receive a registration confirmation email with a link to your “PRE-COURSE “HOMEWORK.” It will help you gain deeper insight into yourself and introduce you to a new daily ritual you can start implementing in your life right away to get immediate results.

Then, on January 13th, the course will officially begin! You’ll receive your first weekly assignment and be invited to join me on our first Q&A training session so we can kick off this powerful journey together.

Will I get access to the complete program all at once or in weekly installments?
You get access to all six modules of the program in weekly installments. This allows you to take the time to focus ONLY on your weekly lesson and the daily activities that will help you help you put your learning into practice.

You will also receive 3 check-in emails every week to inspire you and keep you motivated as you complete your lessons and action steps.

What if I can’t make the live Q&A training calls with Iyanla?
I’ve got you covered! All three live Q&A sessions with me will be recorded and added to your course dashboard, so you can watch them at your convenience.
What if this course doesn’t meet my needs?
No problem! I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you order From the Ground Up: Laying a Solid Foundation with Iyanla Vanzant and don’t agree that it’s worth every penny, I will promptly refund your money – no questions asked.
Are my credit card details secure?
Yes, absolutely! All payments are processed through our payment processor and are 100% secure.
What if I can’t complete the program in six weeks because I get sick or am going on vacation?
Life happens! If something prevents you from completing all of the lessons and activities in six weeks, you can simply pick up where you left off once you’re ready to dive back into this work. These resources will always be here for you.
What if I have a question or need support?
My team and I are here to help! Simply call NUMBER or email EMAIL and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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