Soul Food


What I have learned during my 30-year sojourn through the science of personal and spiritual growth and healing is that forgiveness will cure whatever ails you. The other thing I am totally convinced of is that while forgiveness ain’t easy, it’s the most important inner work you can do within your mind and heart.

This book is my loving challenge for you to come out of the darkness and into the light. This “21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything” practice is my formal invitation for you to join me in an intensive personal transformation process. It’s a multidimensional ritual that will clear the decks of your mind and heart to create the space necessary for you to live with more love for yourself and others. This practice will help you achieve a deeper sense of peace and well-being and gain increased clarity about the lessons and blessings available to you.

We can do this if you are ready to stop feeling bad; stop being wounded; stop wondering why this or that; stop holding grudges; and stop giving yourself reasons and excuses to be, do, and have less than you desire. We can do this if you are ready to experience a miracle in your life. Now remember, this is not easy, but it is doable. So get yourself a beautiful Forgiveness Journal and a special pen, and let’s begin!



Inner Visions

The principles are the basis for:

Identifying and clearing unconscious or unproductive thought and behavior patterns.
Developing a spiritual consciousness and embracing a spiritual identity.
Developing an understanding of how your unique identity has been impacted and enhanced by life experiences.
Balancing the demands of external or physical life with the desires of the internal or spiritual life.


At the Inner Visions Institute—Iyanla Vanzant’s Life Ministry—it is our intention to guide and support our students through the experiential process of remembering and embracing their Divine nature. We offer year-round classes, workshops and products designed to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness one Mind, one Life, one Heart, one Spirit at a time.

Our studies, rooted in the exploration of universal spiritual laws and principles, impact the four levels
of being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Our curriculum provides students with a firsthand knowledge of how to utilize the power of their Divine and spiritual nature as a basis for all of life’s experiences. With this understanding, students are empowered and prepared to make better choices resulting in a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

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