SWIT Confirmation

Great Job, Beloved!

You have made the honorable choice to RISE HIGHER in your Spiritual Warrior Journey and I commend you for that. Because it’s so important that we are building from the proper foundation, I just want to reemphasize that you have made sure that what you uploaded in the previous form is the accurate credential of certification of completion of SWIT 1.

If you are not absolutely sure, just gather the right info and RESUBMIT HERE!

Reviewing and approving the multitude of submissions we get every day is not easy so before you click either of the purchase buttons below, please make sure you have provided the correct documentation because if we can not verify you, we cannot allow you to enter this program.

We will refund any investment you’ve made so far but we will keep the non-refundable $75 administration fee to cover our costs if you are not able to provide valid credentials by 1 Week before Class starts on September 18th, 2022.

If you have previously received a certificate of completion and can not locate it please contact customer@iyanlavanzant.com

Operate in love and integrity, Beloved


If you’re all set and ready to complete your purchase, use one of the links below to do so!

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