Rise Higher! Spiritual Warriors: Training Level II

A 6-Week Ascent into Power with Iyanla

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Beloved, Warrior:


You can see proof of it everywhere you look–

Too many people are dwelling in disharmony within themselves and with their fellow humans. There’s anger, strife, division, and despair– the world is a hot mess!

But all of this upheaval is a necessary step on our journey to a better world.

Because right now, we are in a time of profound evolutionary change– and once we get through this period of disruption, we will find ourselves in a much better place.

That’s why NOW is the perfect time for you to reconnect with your warrior spirit. Now is the time to step deeper into your full power, so you can rise above the turbulence to live a life of deep joy, abundance, and fulfilment. Your transformation will inspire others to do the same and accelerate our progress toward creating the world we want, and I’m here to help you do just that!

It’s Time to Take the Next Leap in Your Spiritual Evolution and Move from Discipleship into Self-Mastery.

Spiritual Warriors, Rise Higher!

SWIT Training Level II: A 6-Week Ascent into Power with Iyanla

Spiritual Warriors in Training Level II is a 6-week journey designed to help you evolve your Spiritual Warrior capabilities and become who the world needs you to be in this time of profound change and upheaval.

The focus of this program is to help you transform your consciousness from fear to love and from “me” to “we”. This change is necessary if you desire to live your life with greater courage, faith, power, and compassion – and feel a much deeper sense of connection to the world around you.


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Join the Spiritual Warrior Movement – and Become a Part of Something Much Larger than Yourself

Why is the world in a state of chaos and turmoil?

Because too many people are suffering a deep sense of dis-unity and dis-connection.

They feel disconnected from others, disconnected from the natural world around them, and disconnected from the Divine Eternal Spirit that dwells at the heart of everything.

That is why we are seeing so much war, anger, and strife these days– because people feel so separate and isolated from the world. It is easy for them to fall into a mindset of “against-ness” where everything that is NOT them must necessarily be AGAINST them and viewed as a threat to their wellbeing.

But my darling Beloved– surely you understand that we are ALL ONE. There is no “us versus them” in this world! There is only US. We are all together in this crazy experience called “life”, and what affects some of us, affects ALL of us.

The only way to heal the profound sense of disconnection that is the root cause of all suffering is to focus on CONNECTION, COMMUNITY and ONENESS. Additionally, we must dedicate our lives to the service of others because we know that whenever we help another, we help ourselves, and in healing ourselves, we heal the world!


Are you ready to rediscover that sense of oneness within and to live in deep connection and communion with the universe around you?

A 6-Week Journey to
Awaken Your Warrior Soul

With Iyanla Vanzant

Here’s your chance to go on a transformational journey of discovery and self-mastery with the amazing Iyanla Vanzant
(host of “IYANLA: Fix My Life,” the #1 reality show on the Oprah Winfrey Network).

Iyanla will lovingly walk you through the process of finding the clarity, strength, and wisdom you need to become your best self. 

    During these six life-changing weeks together, Iyanla will teach you how to: 


    • Shed the stories that are still holding you back from manifesting your highest potential
    • Cultivate your intuition and gain the clarity and insight you need to get better results in everything you do
    • Let go of the negative emotions that are stopping you from feeling deeper joy, faith, optimism, confidence, and connection
    • Forgive those who have harmed you so you can step fully into a state of boundless love
    • Find the courage to be the change you want to see in the world
    • Live a life of service that uplifts your spirit and brings more happiness and fulfilment to everything you do.

    I will lovingly guide you through the process of stepping into your truth and liberating yourself from the social programming that has been preventing you from accessing your full power.
    Best of all, you’ll be able to do this powerful work in the comfort of your own home!

    Step 1Knowing the Way

    Live Your Life as a Warrior Disciple of Truth and Love

    Week 1

    Reawaken Your Warrior Wisdom

    Develop the courage and trust you need to live your truth and dedicate yourself to the pursuit of higher knowledge and understanding.

    Week 2

    Open & Strengthen Your Warrior Heart

    Live your life in full integrity with your purpose and develop the discernment required to see the big picture and act in alignment with your values.

    Step 2Becoming The Way

    Fundamental Principles of a Strong Warrior Lifestyle

    Week 3

    Cultivate Deeper Warrior Love

    Open your heart to boundless love and compassion for all, including yourself, and trust in the inherent goodness of others.

    Week 4

    Hone Your Warrior Power

    Cultivate a mindset of fearlessness and faith within yourself and in the universe – and unleash your full potential to accomplish any goal.

    Step 3Fulfilling The Way

    Practical Ways to Bring “the Way” of the Warrior into Your Life

    Week 5

    Complete Your Warrior Transformation

    Become who you were always meant to be and manifest your highest vision for your life by dedicating yourself to serving others.

    Week 6

    Live In Warrior Service

    Cultivate the humility and fortitude required for self-mastery as you evolve your warrior spirit and live your life in service to the world around you.

    At the end of our six weeks together, you will create and execute a service project that will take the principle of “service” from theory to experience.

    Experience is required for you to fully embody your true warrior spirit and cultivate an unstoppable warrior mindset that will empower you to be the change you want to see in the world.

    Are you ready to take brave action and discover how powerful you truly are?


    You must have completed and received Certification in SWIT 1 to apply for this program

    Spiritual Warriors in Training Level II is for you if…

    • You have completed Spiritual Warriors in Training Level I
    • You have fallen out of your daily Spiritual Warrior practice – or are looking to reignite your practice and take it to the next level
    • You long to feel a deeper sense of connection to others, yourself, and the Divine Eternal Spirit that exists at the heart of everything
    • You are ready to recommit your life to showing up as your highest self and taking brave actions toward your dreams
    • You are willing to make your Spiritual Warrior practice your top priority for six weeks so you can get the best results out of this program
    • You’re excited to evolve your warrior skills and mindset and make a bigger positive impact in the world!

    No more playing small – it’s time to claim your destiny and unleash your full capacity for greatness!

    Here’s what your fellow warriors are saying…

    It’s one of those experiences that’ll change your perspective on life, and GOD forever.

    Annette Robinson

    Worth every penny and it is life altering. You will not regret it. You will learn, grow and evolve. You will never look at yourself, your life or others the same way. How you think and your perception will expand.

    Jeannette Brown

    It is totally worth it! You will be blown away.

    Pamela Archer

    Reconnect with a Community of Changemakers

    Spiritual Warrior, you are a brave visionary, you desire to see more love in the world, you are passionate about people and their progress, and you believe our world can be made better.

    Are you ready to reconnect with a like-minded community?

    In alignment with your values and a lifestyle of choosing love, your fellow Spiritual Warriors await your return.

    The time has come to join hands, the time has come to harness our powers, the time has come to heal the world.

    Welcome back Spiritual Warrior,

    it’s time– to rise higher.

    Beloved, I am so ready to go on this journey with you


    As you know, I have dedicated my life to helping others liberate themselves from struggle and false beliefs as they step into their full power to achieve any goal they imagine.

    Through my service work on television, in workshops, and trainings, I have taught millions of people how to let go of their old stories and negative emotions to become the best version of themselves. This allows them to create lives that bring them deep joy and fulfilment–

    and right now, we are living through a period of history where these skills are more important than ever, because too many people are letting their fears and outdated stories run the show!

    If you want to create a life that truly allows you to thrive– no matter what is happening in the world, you must choose hope and possibility over fear. You must see opportunities where others see only obstacles, and you must remain true to your heart and soul as you take courageous action to create the change you want to see in the world.

    That’s what living your life as a Spiritual Warrior is all about, and it’s time for you to once again strap on your warrior armor, pick up your warrior weapons, and unleash your fierce warrior spirit to become who the world needs you to be in this moment

    “She is, without a doubt, one of the most potent and powerful teachers on the planet at this time.”

    – Oprah Winfrey

    “Iyanla is the real deal.”

    – Susan Taylor, former editor-in-chief of Essence magazine

    “Iyanla is a walking, talking miracle in heels, who carries the energy to heal the masses.” 

    – Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic

    “Iyanla is at the front of the line when it comes to taking people from the darkness into the light.”

    – Van Jones, CNN Commentator

    Are You Ready to Reignite Your Warrior Soul and Take the Next Big Step on Your Journey?

    Join me for this 6-week program and find the clarity, strength, and wisdom you need to become your best self and manifest the highest vision for your life.

    You will learn how to think like a warrioract like a warrior… and succeed like a warrior in any situation, no matter what challenges appear on your path!

    This program is offered Live only, guided by Iyanla Vanzant. There is no self-paced option!

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    12-Month Access

    Take the course in your own time and refer back to the lessons anytime.


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    Do I need to have completed Spiritual Warrior in Training I to take this program?

    Yes, the level II program builds on what you learn during the Spiritual Warrior in Training Level I program. So you are required to complete and receive certification in the Level 1 Program to qualify for SWIT 2. If you are new to Spiritual Warrior training, I recommend you sign up for the introductory course instead.

    What happens after I apply for the program?

    Once you submit your application, you will receive an email that outlines the resources and commitments that are required for the program.

    Be sure to read everything carefully.

    This correspondence will give you deeper insight into the work that goes into Spiritual Warrior training and introduce you to a new daily ritual that you can start implementing in your life right away to get immediate results.

    After your application is reviewed and if you are accepted, you will be sent an email that confirms your acceptance and invites you to a free training session to introduce you to the work contained in the course.

    Once you’ve completed this component, and you are sure of the Spiritual Warrior training commitments, then you will be invited to pay and officially register for the program.

    Once you make your purchase you will receive your welcome guide and be granted access to the course materials.

    Will I get access to the complete program all at once or in weekly instalments?

    You get access to each week’s material the Friday before the session. This allows you to access the material and take the time to focus ONLY on your weekly lesson and the daily activities that will help you put your learning into practice.

    You will also receive a check-in coaching call every week to inspire you and keep you motivated as you complete your lessons and action steps.

    Orientation begins Sunday Sep. 11th, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST
    Classes meet live each Sunday, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm EST

    What is your refund policy?

    Because of the digital nature of this course, there are no refunds available for this program.

    Consider this: if you bought a ticket to a concert…back when they were still a thing–and you were unable to attend, you would not receive a refund because the commitment to the experience has been made.

    That said, you are free to spend more than the allotted 6 weeks and can work through the materials at your own leisure if need be. You will have access to the materials for a full 12 months and can revisit them when you are ready.

    What if I can’t complete the program in six weeks because I get sick or I am going on vacation?

    Life happens— we get it!

    If something prevents you from completing all of the lessons and activities in six weeks, you can simply pick up where you left off once you’re ready to dive back into this work.

    You will have access to the materials for 12 months from your date of purchase.

    What, if any supplies will I need for the course?

    Great question! In order to participate in the course, you will be required to purchase 1 book that will be used for practice and assignments through the course.

    You will also need a journal or notebook, 2 mason jars or small boxes, a box of colored pencils, and a drinking water bottle; which you probably already have around the house. Everything else required for practice and assignments will be provided.

    Please note: A full list of required supplies and resources will be sent to you by email after your application has been submitted.

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