SSpa Newsletter December 2022

SSpa Newsletter - December

SSpa Newsletter December 2022

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December 2022


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In alignment with Mother Nature and the season of new beginnings, I am thrilled to welcome you to the Spiritual Spa newsletter — a monthly check-in filled with love, light, and positive intention. It is my hope that this newsletter will allow us to stay connected and offer a tool to help you navigate each month with purpose

01 - Spa Treatment Principle

to help focus your mind and behaviors

02 - Spa Treatment Affirmation

to plant in your heart

03 - Spa Treatment Song

to energize your spirit

04 - Spa Treatment Book

to expand your perspective

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Spa Treatment Product

to use in caring for your physical body

Spa Treatment Personal Tip

to guide your choices and actions

On The Horizon

see what events and programs that are coming soon!

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Letting go is putting your mind and heart in alignment. It is trusting that all will be well, even if you do not fix or manipulate a thing or circumstance.

Let Go!

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I am letting go and opening myself up to receive.


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This makes a beautiful song for inspiration.

Let Go by DeWayne Woods

Let Go

by DeWayne Woods

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I Want to hear from YOU!

In past issues of my Spiritual Spa Newsletter, I use this section to suggest books I believe are beneficial for your spiritual journey. This month, I would like you to share your book recommendations with me. What book are you interested in finishing to help you on your journey for next year? What are you committed to?

Send us your book using the button to the right, and we will include the Top 3 in our January newsletter!


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Body Product

peace & calm luxury bath bar 

This relaxing, aromatic blend combines soothing herbs and the calming scent of lavender to restore, balance, and guide you into a state of grounded calm. Our newest addition to the MasterPeace line of premium bath and body products, Peace and Calm helps cleanse and moisturize skin with a rich, luxurious lather. These divinely scented bath bars blend shea butter, purifying charcoal, natural botanical extracts and other key ingredients to help transform dry skin into silky smooth, hydrated, healthy looking skin.

Peace & Calm Luxury Bath Bar

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Personal Tip

Be willing to receive what is —as is— with no need or desire to fix or to change.

Confess your struggle with fear and resistance and to control what you do not understand and ask the spirit to cover you so that you may see God in all things.

On the Horizon

The R Spot

It’s time to get REAL about your relationships?

This year I started a new project: I began to host a podcast called The R-Spot, where I deliver the insight you need to make the most of your dealings with self, family, lovers, and more — because life is all about relationships!


Brought to you by Shondaland Audio and iHeart Radio, you can tune in (for free!) as I personally walk callers through their relationship challenges, and point them in the direction of lasting solutions. And here’s the best part — you can call in too!


Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to The R-Spot podcast at iHeart, Apple, or wherever you enjoy your favorite podcasts — and listen in every Wednesday.

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