Self Love: February 2023

Spiritual Spa Newsletter - February 2023

Self Love: February 2023

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February 2023


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In alignment with Mother Nature and the season of new beginnings, I am thrilled to welcome you to the Spiritual Spa newsletter — a monthly check-in filled with love, light, and positive intention. It is my hope that this newsletter will allow us to stay connected and offer a tool to help you navigate each month with purpose

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Self-love means you accept yourself for what you are and accept responsibility for your own development, growth and happiness. When you love yourself, you pave the way for all you want and need to come to you at the right time in the perfect way.


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 I am now filled with the love and the Power that I am.


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This makes a beautiful song for inspiration.

Wheels of Light by Beautiful Chorus

I Am Enough

by Beautiful Chorus

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The Game of Life and How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn

Florence Scovel Shinn’s message is simple yet transformative: we receive back what we put into the world through our actions, energy, and attitudes. Negativity and pessimism are returned in kind, but by switching the script in favor of positive attitudes and affirmations, we are able to manifest success and joy in everything we do.

Life, Shinn tells us, is not a battle of us against the world, but rather a game of giving and receiving. What we give to the world we receive back―whether that be the dark weight of fear and inhibition or the freedom of joy and empowerment.


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Body Product

Peace & Calm Luxury Bath Bar 

This relaxing, aromatic blend combines soothing herbs and the calming scent of lavender to restore balance and guide you into a state of grounded calm. Our newest addition to the MasterPeace line of premium bath and body products helps cleanse and moisturize skin with a rich, luxurious lather.

Handcrafted with love, each soap comes with a special affirmation from Iyanla to help you clear away toxic energy and help restore your body to balance. These divinely scented bath bars blend shea butter, purifying charcoal, natural botanical extracts and other key ingredients to help transform dry skin into silky smooth, hydrated healthy looking skin.

MasterPeace Energize Body Butter

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Personal Tip

Take the time to be rooted and grounded in God’s love…

And allow yourself to comprehend the width, length, depth, and height of Your love so that you are anchored in the fullness of You.

Teacher’s Lounge

Laura Bergman Fortgang

Master Coach

Your beloved host Iyanla has asked me to share a good word with you. I am honored to be your support this month:

Your best measurement of your relationship with yourself is what runs through your mind on an automatic loop. Are you nice to yourself? Do you say kind things or does your inner critic take up the most room in your head? If it does, it’s not paying rent and it needs to go because it’s messing up the place and reducing your self-worth. You need to grow your relationship with your Self with a capital S. You higher self. Your know-better self. Your Self that loves you with no conditions, traps or pre-requisites. Change that voice. THAT is THE WORK.

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