SSpa Newsletter July 2022

SSpa Newsletter July 2022

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July 2022


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In alignment with Mother Nature and the season of new beginnings, I am thrilled to welcome you to the Spiritual Spa newsletter — a monthly check-in filled with love, light, and positive intention. It is my hope that this newsletter will allow us to stay connected and offer a tool to help you navigate each month with purpose

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Rest means closing your eyes, turning off the outside world, and coming to be present with yourself. Rest refreshes you and recalibrates the brain, it nurtures the heart, and replenishes the spirit.


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I give myself permission to rest in the presence of my Source.


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This makes a beautiful song for meditation.

I Rest In Thee

by Rickie Byars
Album: Pray for Me

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Quiet Talks with the Master by Eva Bell Werber

This is one of four books in a series by Eva Bell Werber. This collection includes meditations and short essays that are guides to daily living, voiced by the Christ Consciousness that Mrs. Werber was open to and received during moments of meditation and respite.

Here is an excerpt that I have selected for you today:

“My child, I have longed to speak to you regarding many things which have pressed hard upon you, these last days. Only by keeping close your contact with me, can you survive some of the earth conflicts. Come, let us be still together.”


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Body Product

Clearing and Releasing Luxury Bar 

Fragrant floral extracts and decadent oils dance together seamlessly to create a rich, skin-nourishing bath bar designed to tame stress and clear toxic energy.  This uplifting bath bar is formulated to support the purging and detoxification process that will support you in feeling better and resting.

    Clearing & Releasing Luxury Bath Bar

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    Personal Tip

    Peace of mind is about so much more than being  tranquility and calm. It is about recognizing the necessity and having the tools required to deal with the adversity. Rest is a tool that can and will support you in addressing the stress caused by external factors that disturb your peace of mind.  A few other tools you may find to be helpful are:

    Cancel Negative Thoughts and Feelings

    Knowing how to replace a negative thought or feeling with a positive one is a valuable tool. Preoccupations with life demands and responsibilities can disrupt sleep patterns and create chronic stress.  It is possible to train the mind so that anytime a negative  rises, you will correct yourself immediately. Another powerful tool is remembering to smile in the face of adversity and difficulty.  Smiling releases peaceful hormones in the body.

    Teacher’s Lounge

    Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

    Founder & CEO, Agape International Spiritual Center; Author, Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation

    Your beloved host Iyanla has asked me to share a good word with you. I am honored to be your support this month:

    Rest is a powerful four-letter word. It allows rejuvenation, renewal, and regeneration.  Rest allows us to be at our optimum so we can express our gifts and talents and be a dynamic, beneficial presence on the planet. Without rest, we experience burnout and are not able to answer the call of our dharma, our reason for being here on the planet.

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