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Make sure you review this page (especially the FAQs below) to ensure this program is right for you.

Imagine how different your life could be… 


with the power of ancient wisdom at your fingertips–

not only could you navigate your own journey with confidence, but your insight could lend guidance to those in need. 

Guidance is an incredibly precious gift

While many of us spend our adult years guessing or going through life without guidance, the truth is, it’s been accessible to us all along – and when we look beyond the confines of religious context, tradition, and dogma; we discover a sense of direction can be found in sacred texts from around the world.

Among these texts, the Bible is often the most widely recognized, and yet, it is the most widely misunderstood.

The Spiritual Study Sanctuary

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In most cases, the Bible is associated with a particular spiritual walk and religious faith. However, there is another way to learn, embrace, live and benefit from the wealth of guidance, love, and wisdom contained in Biblical scriptures.

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The Spiritual Study Sanctuary

exists as a way to create community for Spiritual Study that has no association with a specific religion or doctrine.


In today’s world, it is common for many people to have limited or no knowledge of Biblical scriptures.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who are afraid of the Bible because of how they learned it or have turned away from the Bible because of what they have been taught. In all cases, fear of Biblical wisdom can be rectified or reversed–

In fact, I can show you how to love the Bible.

Spiritual Study Sanctuary is about universal laws and principles: The things that support us in developing our consciousness of the Divine; of the purpose and flow of life.


The Spiritual Study Sanctuary is where you’ll learn the tools, principles, and practices that will support you in making a personal and communal shift.

Please join me in the Spiritual Study Sanctuary

as I introduce How to Love the Bible: A Metaphysical Interpretation of Ancient Wisdom.  Together, we will explore and examine an ancient book of wisdom that has supported millions in their quest for spiritual guidance and personal evolution; a spiritual interpretation of the Bible, within a metaphysical context. How to Love the Bible is an opportunity to discover and learn the value of the words, parables, and experiences of biblical characters, regardless of your faith walk or religious affiliation.

It’s up to you to hold the thoughts and ideas you learn during the Study, and apply them throughout the week; so that the work we are studying begins to grow in you and as you.

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book 1

Recommended Bible Translations

You can use any of these Bible translations to accompany this study. The Comparative Bible is the one that is highly recommended. 

Comparitive Bible
Purchase here


New Living Translation
Purchase here
New International Version
Purchase here
Study Bibles - Translations
Metaphysical Bible Dictionary by Charles Fillmore

book 2

Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

by Charles Fillmore –

This one-of-a-kind volume presents the esoteric meanings of names and people, places, keywords, and phrases found in the Bible. Nowhere else will you find such a thorough and complete compilation of the metaphysical aspects of the bible. More than 900 pages of insights, definitions, and expert analysis of the most important book ever written.

book 3

The Revealing Word

by Charles Fillmore –

This reference work is a metaphysical dictionary of common names found in the Bible, as well as words and phrases that are frequently used in Unity and New Thought teachings. “The Revealing Word” will help you find inner meaning for words in a way that will bring new depth of understanding and awareness to your daily life. This book complements Charles Fillmore’s much larger work, “Metaphysical Bible Dictionary,” which presents the meanings of scriptural proper names as well as places found in the Bible.

The revealing word by charles fillmore
The 7 Main aspects of god by emmet fox

Book 4

7 Main Aspects Of God

by Emmet Fox –

A small but powerful book, this book teaches us a deeper understanding of the concept and the presence of God — by whatever name you call it. Through this understanding, we can learn how to align with those aspects and principles to grow in a deeper sense of our own Divinity.

Each book that we will study during our time together has been selected because of the insights that it brings. The syllabus has been decided based on current spiritual guidance.

Make sure you review this page (especially the FAQs below) to ensure this program is right for you.

  • Please Note: The cost of the books is NOT included in membership or a la carte fees. It is your responsibility to track down and purchase the book required for each study session.

What do people have to say about working with Iyanla…

You have to do it! Be ready to be honest and commit to learning and moving forward. If you are not ready to do this fully, all in, don’t bother because you will do yourself a disservice.


See yourself as a student: a student of yourself! Study with curiosity and a willingness to explore. Ask questions, and do not be anxious about anything. Trust the process, and you will see an unexpected transformation!


If you’re thinking about doing it, then that is the sign you should be doing it. There isn’t a chance of mistake here. You will learn and grow…you need that.


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Are you ready...to experience the transformative power of ancient wisdom?

Join me on a journey of discovery

as you learn to interpret the Bible and apply its insight in your life.

Here are just a few of the topics we will cover:

Exploring the Metaphysical Interpretations of:

  • Bible Chapters
  • Kings, Kingdoms, Prophets, People, Rivers, and Cities
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Ministry of Jesus
  • The Seven Churches
  • Psalms and Proverbs
  • What is the Bible?
  • Genesis- The Process of Creation
  • Powerful Women of the Bible
  • A Deeper Look at Bible Stories
  • The Book of Matthew- The Development of Spiritual Consciousness
  • Who is the Christ

This is not A “religious study”


Nor is there an intention to create or change the religious beliefs of the participants.  This is not an argument against or in defense of religion or religious teachings. This is a spiritual approach to an ancient doctrine grounded in the consciousness of oneness with God, Source, Creator (based on your understanding) that can restore the lost truth of scriptures in a practical way restoring hope, health, wealth, harmony and love in every aspect of your life.


People of no faith walk, people looking for a faith walk, and people who have fallen on their faith walk are all welcome to attend.

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  • Replay Sessions
  • Worksheets
  • A link to purchase each book
  • Access to private Facebook Group
  • 2 Year Access

Note:  This is a replay of a previously live event.


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    Will I receive anything in the mail?

    No, this product is 100% digital. That means you will get access to all of the replays, worksheets, and other relevant resources on your online dashboard.

    (You’ll receive a link once you complete your registration.)

    What happens after I sign up?

    First, you will receive an email of acknowledgment for the commitment you’ve just made to your spiritual growth! In that message, we will remind you of the date + time of your call, and will also include a link to the booklist so you purchase the required texts.

    After that…you wait.

    If you sign up for the full 8-month series, the next email you receive will be on the night before our call — and it will include the link to the Zoom room and the link to access your dashboard where all the resources and downloads are.

    Will I get access to the complete program all at once or in weekly installments?

    Because the program is being facilitated live, the replays will only be available after the live call is completed. That means if you’re participating in the Spiritual Study Sanctuary as it is happening, you will have to wait 24-48 hours after the live broadcast for the content.

    After the live program has run its course, you will be able to view the recordings all at once if you desire — but I encourage you to walk through the texts slowly, so that you can fully absorb their teachings.

    What is your refund policy?

    Our policy is once the course begins, there are no refunds.  In the same way it would happen if you purchased a concert ticket and did not attend, we do not offer refunds once you make the commitment and attend even one class.  You can always take the course later, either when it is offered again live or, at your own leisure with complete access to all of the materials.  Of course, if there are extenuating circumstances, we will review each case on an individual basis.

    Our policy is much like that of a theater or concert venue.  If you purchase a ticket and for any reason do not attend the live performance, you are not entitled to a REFUND.  Once the live performance is complete, the liability is on you.  Once you sign up for the course, it is yours, meaning, you will have access to it for the time specified.  Unlike a concert or theater ticket, if you miss the live date, you have lifetime access to the course materials.  In other words, once the course is offered live, it will be available On Demand via video.  Even the Queen B doesn’t offer you this opportunity.  The difference between the live class and the video is the energy generated and the ability to ask questions.  However, everything covered in the live version will be available in the video version

    Are my credit card details secure?

    Yes, absolutely! All payments are processed through our payment processor and are 100% secure

    What if I have a question or need support?

    My team and I are here to help! If you are a paying student and have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

    What, if any supplies will I need for this program?

    In order to participate, you will be required to purchase the books and text that will be used for study.

    You will need the accompanying worksheets for each study session, which will be made available to you as needed in your dashboard, and I encourage you to dedicate a journal or notebook to this study — so that you can collect your thoughts, feelings, and learnings in one location as we move through this work.

    In order to participate in this online study, it is necessary for you to have a stable internet connection and access to a computer, phone or tablet to access the study materials.

    What if I don’t like the program?

    Did your mother ever give you Castor Oil when you were growing up?  What about those liquid vitamins that tasted like iron?  

    The point is that some things that don’t taste good are very good for us.  

    Because the Spiritual Study Sanctuary is an in-depth exploration of sacred texts, we encourage you to be sure this is something you want to do — and that the time is right for you.  

    Check-in with yourself by taking 2-3 deep breaths and asking the question, “Is this process appropriate for me at this time?” Then take another deep breath and listen within for the response.  

    If you hear yes or if it feels right, go for it and . . . trust the process. 

    When it comes to deep levels of internal growth or healing work, things may not make sense to the conscious mind while they can be (and are!) understood at the soul level.

    What if I don’t understand the materials?

    As a program of universal spiritual study, the materials being offered may not be familiar to you, however, they are user-friendly.

    We encourage you to keep in mind that this is a space for spiritual study; concepts which you may not be familiar with. This does not, however, mean the process is not effective — or that it needs to be difficult.

    We encourage you to set an intention for yourself declaring that the process will be gentle, clear, and easy for you to understand in order to realize maximum benefits and then . . . trust the process.

    What if the process conflicts with my religious beliefs?

    There is a distinction between religion and spirituality — and this program is about spirituality. (You can read more about those distinctions [here])

    The work of the Spiritual Study Sanctuary is based upon universal spiritual principles and practices that are not meant to conflict with or contradict any religious theology. The content offered has been designed to explore the university spirituality that is shared by all human beings, regardless of race, gender, religion, or nationality.

    Again, check-in with yourself to see if this is the right thing for you at this time and then…trust the process.

    What if I cannot manage the technology?

    We have exerted great effort to make the process and materials user-friendly — and if I can handle the technology, I’m sure you can too!

    If you can use a computer and download a document, we encourage you not to anticipate any challenges. If for any reason, you get stuck or if there is a technological glitch of some sort, Customer Service is available at this email address.  If you let us know your needs, someone will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days.

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