The R Spot

Are you stuck in an unfulfilling relationship?

Do you have questions about how to make a good relationship better?  

Are you wondering why you keep having the same relationship with different people?

Well . . . we have got just the thing for you!


The R Spot is Iyanla’s weekly YouTube Series that will give you tools, information and insights about the intricacies of relationships – all kinds of relationships.

Each week, using her down-to-earth, humorous, and celebrated wisdom, Iyanla will examine an important relationship issue in a 5 to 7-minute video and respond to a viewers personal letter or video post.

According to Iyanla, “This is the place where we will explore, examine and dissect all relationship issues and problems. It is my intention to make The R Spot as exciting as the G Spot . . . if you know what I mean.”

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Topics include:

• Who Is Responsible for Your Broken Heart?
• Can You Love Two People?
• Is Your Partner a Control Freak?
• Divorces Don’t Just Happen
• You Cannot Slap Your Mama!
and so much more.