Spiritual Spa

Are you ready to deepen your capacity to be aStudent of Life?

To get grounded inYour Truthas you grow through this season?

You’re probably here because you’re

Seeking change in your life

Iyanla Vanzant smiling with hands outstretched

You might feel spiritually stagnant or stuck; like you’re lacking the tools to take any action towards creating the life you desire.

You know that if you don’t get things right for yourself, you’re destined to live out the rest of your life the way it is currently going.

You’ve already begun your Spiritual journey…that’s what brought you here.

Now, you need some guidance

to take that next step.

These free online events happen the first Thursday of the month, September-June, and they deliver 60 minutes of real talk…the way only Iyanla can.

Each month introduces a fresh topic, and after the Spa you’ll be given the opportunity to take this work to the next level with a self-study Spa Immersion Worksheet — designed to help you do the work between this Spa and the next.

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Boundaries Part 2

Boundaries Part 2

When you fail to set clear boundaries because you’re afraid of what it might mean to someone else, you end up giving them what they want and denying yourself what you need.

And we teach people how to treat us by showing them how we treat ourselves.

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Steps to build better boundaries begin with knowing and understanding what your own limits are; who you are, what you are responsible for, and, what you are not responsible for.

Make a commitment to yourself to put your own identity, needs, feelings and goals first.

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Every day you’re given the chance to change your life, because your life changes when you make committed and congruent choices.

Choices are the hinge of your destiny; choice is your power.

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Your Spirit Connects you

To something higher and greater than you.

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It’s what gets you through the hard times.

The Spiritual Spa is about nurturing a deeper connection to the Truth of who you are. To expand your awareness.


To deepen your relationship with your Self and your Creator.